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snapped pictures of Jupit
KATHMANDU Tarell Basham Youth Jersey , Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- Nepal should grab the maximum benefits from China's development and growing economic prosperity, Nepali Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara said here on Thursday.

Inaugurating the newly registered organization ""Nepal Chinese Guide Association,"" an umbrella body of all the Nepali guides working for the Chinese tourists under different travel and trekking companies, Mahara expressed that the Himalayan country has high hopes from China's Belt and Road Initiative.

""We are very happy with the development of China and we believe Nepal needs to learn a lot from China's economic prosperity. It's high time we need to gain benefits from such prosperous neighbor under newly launched initiatives like the Belt and Road,"" Mahara said.

Mentioning about the booming tourism, Mahara said that Nepali guides are the true ambassadors to boost the bilateral ties between the two neighbors, especially in enhancing people-to-people relations.

According to the Nepal Chinese Guide Association Nyheim Hines Youth Jersey , it has 250 qualified and trained members in total who have proficiency in Chinese language and culture.

Addressing the event, Chinese ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong said China has always kept Nepal's tourism development in priority.

Stating that Nepal is rich in resources for tourism, she said the proficient and skilled guides are one of the reasons of growing Chinese tourists' arrivals in Nepal.

Yu said, ""To attract more tourists in the country, Nepal government and stakeholders should focus on security of tourists, infrastructures development, more promotion of tourism and skilled guide production among others.""

China is the second largest tourist source market for Nepal after the southern neighbor India. According to government statistics Tyquan Lewis Youth Jersey , Chinese tourist arrivals jumped to nearly 100,000 in 2016.

""In recent years, Chinese tourists have sustained Nepal's tourism industry. Realizing its importance and to contribute to national economy, we all guides are moving ahead in an organized manner,"" Apulal Awale, President of Nepal Chinese Guide Association, told Xinhua.
" "
LOS ANGELES Kemoko Turay Youth Jersey , Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)'s Juno spacecraft will make its seventh science flyby over Jupiter's mysterious cloud tops Friday.

""Here I go again! I'll make my next science flyby over #Jupiter's mysterious cloud tops on Sept. 1 at 2:49 p.m. PST (2249 GMT),"" Juno team tweeted on Wednesday.

At the time of perijove, defined as the point in Juno's orbit when it is closest to the planet's center, the spacecraft will be about 3,500 km above the planet's cloud tops.

During its mission of exploration, Juno, managed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Quincy Wilson Youth Jersey , is probing beneath the obscuring cloud cover of Jupiter and studying its auroras to learn more about the planet's origin, structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere.

During its July 10 flyby, the JunoCam imager aboard NASA's Juno mission snapped pictures of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Images of the most iconic feature of the solar system's largest planet reveal a tangle of dark, veinous clouds weaving their way through a massive crimson oval, NASA said.

Without doubt, the 1.1-billion-dollar mission Malik Hooker Youth Jersey , part of the New Frontiers Program, is seeking answers to many questions about Jupiter, and is helping reveal some secrets about other planets in our solar system, including Earth.

Juno's name comes from Roman mythology. The mythical god Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief, and his wife, the goddess Juno, was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter's true nature.

The spacecraft was launched on Aug. 5 Braden Smith Youth Jersey , 2011, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida and arrived in orbit around Jupiter on July 4, 2016.

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